Cold chain monitoring

Cold chain is common in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is related to the series of actions and equipment applied to maintain a product within a specified low-temperature range from harvest or production to consumption. It is used to preserve, extend and ensure the shelf life of products


1. Deploy

Deploy the Spotters in your warehouses, trucks and refrigerated trailers to collect data from the PopTags (beacons)

2. Scan

Scan the PopTag to activate it on the DirectView platform

3. Attach

Attach PopTags to your refrigerated merchandises. Nothing more to do, it is ready to use.

4. Track

Control temperatures in real time and be notified in case of threshold breach.

Record all temperatures of your frozen goods. 

Total temperature traceability

Monitor the temperature of your frozen goods at each stage of their transport.


Efficient and safe decisions

Get notification in real time at any temperature problem on your shipment and act instantly to fix the problem.


Cold chain enhancement

Preserve the cold chain integrity, demonstrate the temperature compliance along the delivery process, and forget about tainted goods.

End-to-end temperature control


How to use DirectView?