Supply chain monitoring

The supply chain requires companies to manage their logistics in order to ship and deliver the goods and commodities accurately to their final destination. Logistics has to be as seamless and accurate as possible to ensure customer satisfaction .


1. Deploy

Deploy the Spotters in your warehouses, on your trucks and trailers to collect data from the PopTags (beacons)

2. Scan

Scan the PopTag to activate it on the DirectView platform

3. Attach

Attach PopTags to your goods, commodity and parcels. Nothing more to do, it is ready to use.

4. Track

Track your journeys and be notified in real time.

Get your journeys history and assess your performance.

How to use DirectView?

A full visibility over shipments

Track your trucks and deliveries in real time. Inform your customers based on accurate data

Delivery compliance 

Ensure that you shipment meets the customer requirements in quantities, delivery process and any other commitments. Secure the chain of custody. Immediately advise your customers in case of error and reduce the litigation rate.


Customer satisfaction

Enhance your quality of service with accurate and up to date information regarding shipments and routes. Anticipate any issues and advise your customers proactively.

Have a seamless control over your goods and packages transport