Reusable assets monitoring

In manufacturing and wholesale industries, companies often use reusable assets in the supply chain to transport goods and commodities between suppliers, customers and sub-contractors but these assets are lost on a daily basis.

Reusable assets can be:

  • Plastic boxes and crates

  • Pallets

  • Carts and cages

  • Kegs


1. Deploy

Deploy the Spotters in your warehouses or your partners facilities to collect data from the PopTags (beacons)

2. Scan

Scan the PopTag to activate it on the DirectView platform

3. Attach

Attach PopTags to your plastic boxes, pallets, kegs, carts. Nothing more to do, it is ready to use.

4. Track

Track your reusable assets in real time. 

Be notified of in&out traffic.

Find your lost assets with the smartphone application

How to use DirectView?

Don't ever lose your reusable assets across partners' facilities

Better rotation of your reusable assets among partners

Fully track in real time where your assets are and anticipate your partners' demands and allocate what is necessary.


Seamless supply chain

Provide the right number of reusable assets suitable for your deliveries to your partners. Avoid breaches in your delivery process.

TCO reduction

Reduce the number of misplaces and stolen reusable assets, and the renewal frequency. Optimize your fleet.


Improved carbon footprint

No more misplaced or stolen assets means less raw material consumption and a sustainable operation, thus a positive impact on the environment.