Warehouse and inventory monitoring

Supply chain requires companies to store their goods and commodities in their warehouse before shipments or deliveries.  Warehouses store multiple types of goods, and have many employees that can interact with these items or goods, and therefore it becomes complex to know what, where and how these goods are located, moved and sourced within that environment


1. Deploy

Deploy the Spotters in your warehouses to collect data from the PopTags (beacons)

2. Scan

Scan the PopTag to activate it on the DirectView platform

3. Attach

Attach PopTags to your goods. Nothing more to do, it is ready to use.

4. Track

Track your inventory in real time and get instant inventory levels. Be notified in case of commodity moves.

Find your misplaces items with the smartphone application.

Automated permanent inventories

No more need to mobilize your staff to count out your inventory. Get the exact number of products and SKUs in your stock at any time of the day. Get rid of tedious manual inventories and limit human errors.


Reconciliation between theoretical and real inventory levels

Know precisely what gets in & out of your warehouses and have a real time visibility. Understand your inventory moves history.


No over stock, no shortage

Get your stocks at any time, anticipate and optimize your storage layout end efficiency..


No more misplaced items 

Locate your items, get notified of  warehouse in & outs. Reduce the financial impact over misplaced items..

Visualize and monitor your inventory with your connected warehouses


How to use DirectView?