Field equipment monitoring

Whether they operate in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or if they own warehouses or yards, businesses often use various types of equipment to carry out their activity, and they have to manage them properly in order to be efficient.

  • Construction: compactors, generators, tools, etc

  • Manufacturing: forklifts, crates, moulds

  • Healthcare (hospitals): beds, wheelchairs, respirators


1. Deploy

Deploy the Spotters on your operation sites to collect data from the PopTags (beacons)

2. Scan

Scan the PopTag to activate it on the DirectView platform

3. Attach

Attach PopTags to your assets, equipments or tools. Nothing more to do, it is ready to use.

4. Track

Track your equipments in real time and be notified of the equipments in & out traffic

Find the lost ones with the smartphone application

Control your field equipments usage

Optimization of field equipments distribution on your sites 

Easily find out where your equipments are and understand the way they are utilized.


Anticipation of equipments demand

Allocate your equipements based on  the activity of each operational site and avoid breach in operations.


TCO improvement

Reduce the number of misplaced and stolen assets and improve recovery time. Enhance their lifetime by optimizing usage and you get rid of the "ghost" assets in your balance sheet.


How to use DirectView?