DirectView platform has been designed to process and analyse millions of data collected by PopTags and transmitted by Spotters.

It delivers end to end monitoring of your goods and materials, whether they are on your vehicles or in your facilities, so you can enhance your operations.

  • Live inventory and stock monitoring

  • Materials assets tracking and utilization in warehouses or yard

  • Shipments tracking in real time

  • Reusable assets monitoring on premises or at partners' facilities

  • Frozen goods temperature tracking and traceability

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DirectView platform:

full visibility on your mobile assets

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DirectView provides the tools and data you need to fully manage your assets and equipment, and grow your business. 

Real time location and continuous tracking: indoor / outdoor / in transit

Insight and performance analysis:

Dashboard, KPIs and customizable reports

Security: geofencing and alerts

Authentication: unique ID for each material or asset


Monitor your activity remotely with a birds eye view of your assets


Simplify asset management for your operational teams with our smartphone application. Get the full benefit of the DirectView solution in your hands, wherever you are.

Asset search and detection in vicinity

Real time notification in case of geofencing breach


Goods and materials

at your fingertips

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Enrich your information system with brand new data

Use our APIs to integrate the DirectView platform to your legacy Information System: ERP, TMS, WMS. All data coming from PopTags and Spotters which are processed by the DirectView platform can easily be injected in your legacy operational softwares.

Unlock the power of the DirectView Platform within your own environment.