Connect your logistic ecosystem of warehouses, goods and materials with our best-of-breed IoT technologies

The DirectView asset tracking solution combines the best of IoT technologies with a data analytics platform in a unique way in order to track your goods and materials whether onsite or in transit plus deliver key insights that help you optimise efficiency across your supply chain.


How to use DirectView?


1. Data collection

Attach PopTags, BLE beacon, on your merchandise, frozen goods, returning assets and materials, and collect their locations, , mouves and temperatures

2. Data transmission

Install spotters in your warehouses, works, vehicles or trailers in order to collect and transmit PopTags data.


3. Data processing and analysis

All data provided by PopTags and transmitted by Spotters are processed and analysed in real time by the  DirectView plateform

4. Output and integration

Processed data are accessible by various applications : web application, smartphone application or APIs, which provides a full flexibility for data consultation.


Get actionable insight about your assets, goods and materials, by collecting multiple types of data: moves, location, temperature, etc. The DirectView platform can collate and analyse thousands of asset datapoints per second which can be displayed to users via friendly web, smartphone applications and APIs. 

imac screen.png

Robust and scalable platform


Using state-of-the-art long-life communication technologies, for mobile or static environments, to tag assets; merchandise, materials and onsite equipment across warehouses, depots and in transit in order to view their location and optimise management.

Unique set of connected devices